Tiramisu Lady Fingers soaked in espresso coffee and Kahlua with imported mascarpone cheese

House made Italian Style Cheesecake

Classic Italian Cannoli

Tartufo Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with hazelnuts and cherries in the center, surrounded by a delicious chocolate shell

Hot Brownie Sundae Hot chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Peach Melba Vanilla ice cream, sliced peaches and raspberry sauce topped with whipped cream

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Ice Cream Choice of vanilla or chocolate

 Specialty Coffees (Decaffeinated Also Available)

Porto Bello Coffee Frangelico and Amaretto topped with fresh whipped cream

Nutty Italian Coffee Frangelico and Bailey’s topped whipped cream

Hot Sicilian Coffee Kahlua and Amaretto topped with fresh whipped cream

Irish coffee Irish whiskey topped with whipped cream

Cappuccino or Latte 

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Espresso, or Macchiato 

Assorted Two Leaves Company Organic Tea 

Port Wines

(by the glass)

 Porto Bello Port Especially bottled by Pugliese Vineyards

 Fonseca Porto Bin No. 27

 Sanderman Tawny Porto